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Michele Gordon is a speaker, master motivator, teacher, and consultant. Michele is the Creator of Cardio Sweat Party (CSP), a high-energy fitness experience, and Founder of You Are A Powerhouse, a community designed to empower YOU to #makethingshappen. Michele knows what it’s like to feel like you’re not enough, but she’s here to challenge that notion and challenge you.

Prior to her current work, Michele was the girl who held back from doing things on her own, afraid of speaking up, always getting sick, and unsure of herself. It wasn’t until a few pivotal moments in college that she decided to make a change. Now, over 12 years later, Michele has been empowering others to feel confident and make things happen!

When Michele isn’t teaching or speaking, she has paved the way as a marketing maven, community builder, and event expert. Michele, recognized by The New York Times as one of NYC’s Top Fitness Pros, was the District Group Exercise Manager for Town Sports International (NYSC) where she turned the weakest sales district into the Number 1 district company-wide and earned Top Business Driver of the Year. She was a finalist in the 16th Annual Botnick Business Plan Competition for her kids fitness program, Adventurcise®. Michele was also selected to lead Reebok’s Delta Force to build a strong #fitfam in NYC & around the nation. Currently, Michele is the Director of Brand Marketing for Paragon Sports in NYC. Throughout her career, Michele has taught at some of NYC’s best gyms, organized thousands of powerful events, and mentored young professionals to become stronger, better leaders.

Michele is deeply passionate about helping you to recognize the power within & TURN IT UP, so you can thrive. From “raising the roof” at events to hitch-kicking mid-CSP she will inspire you to think big & DO BIGGER.

To learn more, connect at and on instagram @_michelegordon.