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July 17, 2016
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May 8, 2017
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For the last few years, I’ve become infamous for carrying a mega-sized back.  Over the last year, I’ve learned how to condense and pack the very best in my backpack.  I use my backpack (or sometimes messenger/tote bag) every day whether it’s to hit the gym, teach a class, or go to work.  Backpacks are easy on my back and better for our posture (totes make me walk lopsided!).  As everyone is off to gear up for the New Year, I wanted to share the essential stuff I keep with me AT ALL TIMES in my backpack. Hopefully this will help you to fuel up for a STRONG and KICK BUTT 2017.  Oh, and all of these reviews and tips are my own of course:


My all time favorite backpack for a lady on-the-move is The Motivator by Sol and Selene.  Well, I actually love ALL S&S products, but The Motivator is a standard for everyday use.  It’s cute, comfortable, spacious, and has spots for my waterbottles!  I always make sure my bag has a holder for 2 bottles since I LOVE water.  Since it’s the New Year and I’m feeling good, use code MZMOTIVATIONAL15%OFF to get 15% off of your Sol and Selene purchase.  TOTALLY worth it!  Look great, feel great, DO GREAT.

Arnicare Gel has been a must-have since I started teaching classes.  My mentor in group exercise introduced it to me after an 8-hour Kettlebell Training Course and said it’ll heal up my sore muscles FAST.  Well…it worked! I use it after an intense workout to speed up recovery, to heal up tightness in my legs/shoulders/hips, to smother over bruises, and more.  It really works wonders.  Some packages come with an oral version.  Arnica Gel is my fave holistic remedy.  If you’re feeling rusty, use arnica!

Ladies, this is for you.  You never know when you or a friend will need a tampon.  That’s why I choose LOLA!  LOLA is 100% hypoallergenic cotton tampons and they offer a subscription service to ship to your door once a month just like our lovely friend 🙂  Sign up for the subscription, keep an extra in your bag, and never worry about finding a drugstore again!  Click HERE to learn more about get your LOLA today!

DEODORANT, LIP BALM, HAIRBRUSH – YASSS! Lone.body is THE BEST all natural deodorant.  I’ve tested and tried a million other brands and they all suck and I think made me smell worse!  Lone.body has great flavors such as Citrus and Cool Mint.  In addition, they make delish, all-natural (you KNOW the ingredients), and nourishing lip-balms for the all-year round.  Also, I always keep a mini-brush in my bag to put my hair into a high ponytail pre-Cardio Sweat Party or to touch up throughout the day.  Great hair, great day.

gear171A notebook and pen!  I’m a big writer-outer.  I prefer to write out my thoughts/ideas before typing it out (although the automation on my Asana is AMAZEBALLS).   There have been times when I got stuck waiting for someone or had an idea for a class and I just jotted it down.  I KNOW you can use the notes app on your phone, but there’s something magical about handwriting your thoughts.  Any notebook will do, but I’m a big fan of for their fun prints.

Other small things are my yurbuds and cell charger.  My yurbuds are awesome because they’re sweat proof and can last through my subway rides, long walks, or quick runs.  It also sucks when your FitBit is about the die the day you walked to work and took Cardio Sweat Party and you’ll never see 20K+ steps light up your wrist.  That’s why I always keep a charger for my FitBit in my bag pocket.

I’m a big fan of always being fueled because being dehydrated and hangry is NO BUENO.  I LOVE my Swell
Bottles to keep my drinks cold (or hot!!)
. However, if I’m on-the-go to an event where holdingear172g a water bottle isn’t the best option, then I keep a bottle of DrinkAgua handy.  In addition, I always keep a bag of almonds, almond butter, a KIND bar, an RX Bar in my bag or a travel pack of Vega Protein.  Every morning I usually toss in a banana or apple too!

Finally, I ALWAYS have my beloved Nano Roller.  I’ve discovered that health
y feet = healthy life.  Since I easily get plantar fasciitis, my ankles are always tight, and I’m always on my feet whether I’m in heels, sneakers, or flats, rolling out my feet is a sure way to happiness and health.  I usually roll my feet out in the morning and at a night, pre and post-workout, and then sporadically throughout the day.  If you’re always on your feet or you wear heels a lot, I definitely suggest putting on these babies in your gym back or at your desk drawer.  If you love to workout, this will change the game.  Your welcome.

That’s basically it.  Some days I pack more makeup, extra clothing, etc. But these are my essentials that I KNOW will help fuel your success in 2017.  Interested in trying them out?  Have any tips on what you pack in your bag?  Share in the comments below!